State of the furry fandom IV

Much derogatory discourse can be seen and heard in the furry fandom recently. Though the furry fandom is primarily a fandom for people with an interest with anthropomorphic animals to have friendly banter with, political discussion in the fandom is noticeably increasing in the fandom due to various circumstances. This article discusses about the General […]

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AltFurry – 卐?

Denounced by the media, ‘AltFurry’ is often depicted as a neo-Nazi apologist movement by journalists worldwide. However, many individuals identifying as ‘AltFurry’ claim that these allegations are untrue. They say that ‘AltFurry’ is a reactionary movement that mocks the furry fandom’s far-left ideology. I’ve been told by my friends to be careful around ‘AltFurry’ on […]

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Homosexuality II

Today’s media puts much focus supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Video sharing sites like YouTube endorse content that supports the LGBT community. On the YouTube Spotlight channel, which promotes ‘gotta-watch videos’, for example, many videos promoting homosexual and transgender pride exist, such as ‘Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove’ and […]

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Homosexuality – the sexual attraction to people of one’s own sex – is being increasingly regarded as an acceptable way of life. In 2011, Pew Research Centre showed that 58% of Americans want homosexuality to accepted by society. Christian groups are also becoming more open to the idea of homosexuality. In addition, Taiwan recently legalised […]

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The state of the furry fandom II

The controversy around specific groups around the furry fandom is not going to die down anytime soon. Fuelled by the deceits of the media and their followers, furries are falling into the booby trap of the narrative that ‘fascism’ is on the rise, that violence is the answer to ‘hate’. The narrative is a needless […]

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The state of the furry fandom

“Liars”, “racists”, “fascists”. “Beat his ass”, “throw him off the f*****g balcony”. “Love the fandom! #punchanazifur”. The furry fandom is a loving community ready to accept anyone with open arms regardless of race, language or religion. The aforementioned quotes – which have been said by furries across the media – show that the furry fandom […]

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