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White genocide

The following document is from the article ‘White Genocide?‘, which discusses the legitimacy of the alt-right’s argument that the white race is actively becoming a minority via race mixing.

Daily Stormer has allegedly been removed by the site’s host, GoDaddy. Therefore, ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ by Coldenhove-Kalergi will be hosted on Ferrel’s Musings as a .PDF document. It can be found here.Coudenhove-Kalergi, Richard – Praktischer Idealismus – Adel – Technik – Pazifismus (1925, 191 S., Text)


These documents are from the article ‘Homosexuality‘ that discusses the different aspects of and surrounding the issue of homosexuality.

Full, publicly accessible copies of various studies and other documents used in, or as references to, this article can be found below:

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Sexual Orientation and Its Correlates in an Australian Twin Sample (used in Innateness of homosexuality)

Genetic and Environmental Effects on Same-sex Sexual Behavior: A Population Study of Twins in Sweden  (used in Innateness of homosexuality)

The Association Between Health Risk Behaviours and Sexual Orientation Among a School-based Sample of Adolescents (used in Homosexuality as a mental disorder)

Same-Sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings From the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS) (used in Homosexuality as a mental disorder)

Sexual Orientation and Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in US Adolescent Boys (used in Homosexuality as a mental disorder)

National Lesbian Health Care Survey – Implications for Mental Health Care (used in Homosexuality as a mental disorder)

Out of DSM: Depathologizing Homosexuality (used in The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and homosexuality)

LEGAL MEMORANDUM – Memo to Supreme Court: State Marriage Laws Are Constitutional (used in Marriage equality)

European Convention on Human Rights (used as a reference in Marriage equality)


The following document is from the article ‘AltFurry – 卐?‘ which discusses Ferrel Fox’s experience with the ‘reactionary movement’ against ‘SJW furries’, primarily on Discord.

I have compiled key observations and experiences in the server and made an analysis on them for the record. It can be found below. Do note that the observations were compiled for information purposes and respectfully should not be misused (e.g. as material for publishing private information with a malicious intent).

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’ (revised)

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’ (my removed conversations)

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’