Homosexuality – the sexual attraction to people of one’s own sex – is being increasingly regarded as an acceptable way of life. In 2011, Pew Research Centre showed that 58% of Americans want homosexuality to accepted by society. Christian groups are also becoming more open to the idea of homosexuality. In addition, Taiwan recently legalised […]

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I was trying to search for a quote to start this post off. I searched quotes on tobacco, then on marijuana. Shockingly, the most wise quote I’d found for marijuana usage reads: “Fuck your opinion. Weed is my therapy. It’s not a drug, it’s a plant. Dumb fucks.” The liberal acceptance of marijuana has gone […]

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Recently, a female-to-male athlete won a wrestling title in Texas. Interestingly, though it was a small school competition, the news reported it very widely. When people gave her boos (and rightfully so), he later said that they’re just haters. I can tell you right now that it is not even true. I’m not an irrational […]

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Gender neutral bathrooms

For centuries we’ve always had bathrooms for just men or just women. It’s a good concept that has worked out very nicely over the years. However, now we have some people rallying against these types of bathrooms. They want bathrooms to be ‘gender neutral’. Though the thought of 63 separate bathrooms is a joke, the […]

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