Fighting with passion

Furries from around the world are aware of a situation, an affair that I have explained three times already, an issue so important that it can evoke emotions. They are aware of those with double standards, those who are damaging the fandom.

They speak of the trolls – hateful, malicious and two-faced they say. They speak of the liars denying messing up a panel in a convention. They speak of the Nazis – the ones with the red bands who lure others with treats.

But while they speak of the trolls, they use hearsay to shut conventions down. While they speak of the liars, they say that fascists disrupted CaliFur – not the case. And while they speak of the Nazis, they celebrate the death of their fellow members.

The furry fandom is undeniably left-leaning. And the leftist furries have the weapons. They have the unconditional support of the mainstream media, often left-leaning too. They say ‘this corsac fox is a Nazi’ and it easily gets on the news, seen as the truth. But the media does not know about what the situation in the fandom is like. Allegations are now a synonym for facts, ‘fascism’ is thrown around causally. So when we speak out, we will be criticised unanimously. The right is being silenced at a rapid rate. And it’s time for us to stop the trolling.

Spamming ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ and waiting for a ‘mass triggering’ might be funny to some, but then there’s the issue about maturity. And #DeoTwitter was by no doubt entertaining, but it doesn’t get much done. Yes, you’re trolling or making a joke out of someone, and people have a laugh… but they don’t really get the idea behind it all.

We need to get serious. That’s why I say it’s time to stop the 14, the 88. Because you’ll be gassed by their smoke screens, locked in a chamber where you can only hear your echoes. And they’re as effective as you-know-who; the news doesn’t mind being fake anymore. It’s time to use the power of the visual, the power of video. They are already doing it. It’s time to awaken those in the unknown to the right things before they indoctrinate, before they shut us down.

I heard of a fellow furry who lost to them, a furry who advocated for a better fandom. They exposed his personal particulars, his criminal record, his everything. And they made him fall, they shut him down. And we cannot let that happen again.

We must be unaffected by such incidents. We must be strong. We must have the burning spirit to do whatever it takes to improve the fandom. They will attack us in brutal ways never imagined, but we mustn’t be intimidated by their drive. We can turn that drive into reverse with a clear sense of direction in the rear view. And if they shut anyone else down, they will never shut down the spirit of us.

There are those that enjoy the culture of the fandom and those who fight for it. The furry fandom’s principles will not be changed simply because ‘Trump won’.

We will not be intimidated by their wrath of malice and defamation. We will not be shut down. We will have the heart of courage to fight the fake news, the degeneracy spreading around a subculture that we identify with so strongly. And we will do it with purpose, with passion.


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