America – A vision blurred

I vision an America that favours its citizens above everyone else, that respects the patriots who fly Old Glory high and proud, who forever honours the courageous who risk their lives in the name of a sovereign nation.

I vision an America that values the Bill of Rights, an America that respects the Constitution… for the freedom of speech is of upmost importance, for the privilege of keeping and bearing arms is in fact a right.

I vision an America that stands up unapologetically for its tradition, culture and heritage. I vision an America that remains uninfluenced by external influences, but an America that invites those abroad who are more than willing to stand with the land of the free, the home of the brave.

I vision an America that embraces the value of hard work, that rewards anyone who strives to achieve, that gives these people the dream of living the American dream.

I vision an America as a nation under God, a nation united regardless of race, color or creed.

But it seems that my vision is blurred. What seemed to be a happy ending turned out in the devil’s favour, for the promotion of progressiveness does not uphold the values of America, for the obstructionists lure the public into believing otherwise. Still, I know that America needs a few tears to clear up the vision for an ideal America, a few tears from those who delusively resist the necessity to make America great again.

On Independence Day, I hope that those who believe in America reach out to those who think that contemporary social justice is worth fighting for, to those who think that the genocide of a race is real, and make them realise that it is a nation worth fighting for – not progressiveness, not ethnicity – as it is not foolish to be proud of your own country.

Happy Independence Day.


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