Sentiments of some in the furry fandom

Are furries threatened by a rise of rampant neo-Nazism? The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Harsh language. Viewer discretion is advised. Full transcript: American lives are being directly threatened and terrorised by conservative views. And their follower lists explain their degeneracy. These trolls love to cry about the freedom of speech. And when provoked, […]

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Fighting with passion

Furries from around the world are aware of a situation, an affair that I have explained three times already, an issue so important that it can evoke emotions. They are aware of those with double standards, those who are damaging the fandom. They speak of the trolls – hateful, malicious and two-faced they say. They […]

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America – A vision blurred

I vision an America that favours its citizens above everyone else, that respects the patriots who fly Old Glory high and proud, who forever honours the courageous who risk their lives in the name of a sovereign nation. I vision an America that values the Bill of Rights, an America that respects the Constitution… for […]

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