The state of the furry fandom III

Furries are fans of cartoon animals. They often preach tolerance, affection and acceptance. However, times have changed.

Furries have been joining or creating anti-fascist groups. Shortened as antifa, antifa furries even have their own mascot, Tifa. Countless news articles have been reporting on this. They are made trendy and it seems rightfully so.

But to support the ideology of antifa is to support the ideology of the insane. Terror-driven individuals destroy public property. Angry rioters resort to false personal attacks. Antifa furries say that the movement is to stop ‘fascist rallies and other events’, but little did they know that communism theoretically does not preach this type of violence. It is fascism that does.

People defend the insane by saying that they are calling out genuine problems. From empirical evidence, this is not true. When furry convention operative Kendal Ray Emery signed a fake legal letter with red ink, a whole narrative was created portraying Emery as a domestic terrorist, a Sovereign Citizen. They began telling the world that disagreeing with the narrative is a form of Nazism. When people defend the insane, they become the insane.

But when there are parodies on these people, they throw the blame back to those that disagree with insanity. They say that acts like these are ‘just as bad as being an actual white supremacist’. They say these things because they don’t know that parody is one of the four pillars of satire.

Your idea about fandom division has been wrong all along. When tolerance becomes intolerance, affection becomes hate and acceptance becomes division, the people deserving the blame are the insane. And the insane are too insane to realise their insanity.


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