AltFurry – 卐?

Denounced by the media, ‘AltFurry’ is often depicted as a neo-Nazi apologist movement by journalists worldwide. However, many individuals identifying as ‘AltFurry’ claim that these allegations are untrue. They say that ‘AltFurry’ is a reactionary movement that mocks the furry fandom’s far-left ideology.

I’ve been told by my friends to be careful around ‘AltFurry’ on the premise that they are only racists and neo-Nazi sympathisers. For 3 weeks, I joined the ‘AltFurry HQ’ Discord server – at that time newly created – to find out whether this is true.

I will disclose that I joined the ‘AltFurry HQ’ Discord server twice, once on May 12, 2017 for the analysis and a second time on June 2, 2017.

‘#lobby’ is the main discussion channel on ‘AltFurry HQ’. It is policed by a visible group of moderators, one of which I had a conversation with that I still remember vividly today (who held the rank ‘Miniboss’).

On Twitter, when I mocked white supremacy (the ’14 words’, which means ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children’, that they use) the person in question raised allegations against me, calling me ‘anti-white’.

I once presented evidence from suggesting that Adolf Hitler might have Jewish roots on Discord. There is a statement at the end of the article, saying that ‘this does not necessarily mean the man who inspired the Holocaust [Hitler] was either Jewish, African or a combination of the two.’ Still, that moderator accused me of ‘derail[ing] the topic with false information’, that it is ‘very dishonest to do so’ and suggested that I risked suspension due to a violation of server rules.

“@Ferrel Fox I would appreciate you didn’t deliberately derail the topic with false information. It’s very dishonest and could be seen as a violation of server rules.”

#lobby was witnessed to be discussing about white supremacy. A user of the server had this to say:

“let me put it like this. The hardcore 14s want this to be an ethnonationalist circle jerk.”

‘14s’ seems to be a reference to white supremacism. This suggests that ‘#lobby’ was promoting white supremacy. This claim was met with some opposition. The moderator who accused me of violating the rules said:

‘It’s not hard core to be 14

It’s rational’

I decided to get involved. I asked ‘#lobby’ about their opinion on the Trump administration and his faithfulness to the America First ideology. The moderator who accused me of violating server rules surprisingly answered my question.

“It appears Trump is serving Jewish globalist interests… he is behaving like a globalist and betraying his nationalist America first stance he held in the campaign.”

I question the mention of ‘Jewish’ in ‘Jewish globalist interests’. I doubt that this is satire.

Still, in AltFurry HQ, I have only observed genuine support of white supremacy to be in the minority. In my time in the server, I could only identify one supporters of the ’14 words’, of which I would not name those people. I am unsure if there are more unashamed supporters of white supremacy past June 2, 2017.

I saw AltFurry HQ trying to, possibly, manipulate ratings and results on some websites, but I will not go into detail in this article.

On the issue of server inclusiveness, a user of the server had this to say:

‘This is basically a safe space… A place for similar ideals to come together without fear or humiliation’

But the moderators and other users were quick to refute this:

“This is NOT a safe space. We allow them in. We talk with them.

We have commies, normies, libs, everyone really

Just dont break the rules”

“Yeah this place is super tolerant. I don’t think I’ve seen more than one or two real heated arguments here over beliefs”

But the administrator of the server (known as ‘Len Gilbert’) said that ‘there have been a BUNCH of arguments here’.

AltFurry seem enthusiastic about advancing their movement. I saw someone say this a few days later:

“Alt-furry needs to spread on FurAffinity. I’m sure Hitler 2.0 is on that website waiting to be woken up.”

It is unknown as to what ‘Hitler 2.0’ means. Nevertheless, this could be considered as satire.

‘AltFurry HQ’ uses the platform to discuss meet-ups in furry conventions. BLFC is a large furry convention hosted in Reno, NV. ‘AltFurry’ was planning a meet-up at BLFC.

‘Anti-fascist’ furries on Twitter were swift to take note of this. On the same date of this leak, it seems that ‘#announcements’ was permanently set to private, due to ‘server feedback’. Administrator Len Gilbert stated that:

‘we want BLFC to be safe and peaceful as possible’

The premise that began the article was that ‘AltFurry’ are racists and neo-Nazi sympathisers. The premise is not always true.

‘AltFurry’ is a, observably, right-leaning group of furry fans. They make heavy use of exaggeration, incongruity and parody and this confuses many into concluding that they are genuine supporters of national socialism. Hence journalists calling ‘AltFurry’ as solely and entirely a neo-Nazi group are evidently wrong. However, it would be fallacious for me to deny that the ‘AltFurry’ does not have any genuine neo-Nazi sentiments at all. A small minority of those in ‘AltFurry HQ’ seem to be honest supporters of neo-Nazism; the mention of ‘Jewish globalist sentiments’ does not seem to be satire. It is thus my hope that it will remain a small minority as other members of ‘AltFurry’ push back against these exclusive sentiments.

I would like to appeal to the AltFurry to reduce the mention of ‘Jews’, ‘goyim’ or ‘Nazis’ to reduce the movement’s already large controversy. This is a quote by one of the other moderators on AltFurry HQ:

“When you’re a small upcoming group or ideology and you’re clinging to old memes, spouting stupid shit all over Twitter. What are you actually accomplishing?”

Note: This article is based on my own recount of the AltFurry HQ server from May 12, 2017 to about May 31, 2017 and then on June 2, 2017. I chose to voluntarily leave due to the surrounding controversy about the server. AltFurry HQ might have changed substantially since early June. As I am no longer part of the server, I cannot discuss about events after June 2, 2017 and before May 12, 2017.


EDIT 06/27/17: It was pointed out that in AltFurry HQ, the terms ‘administrator’ and ‘moderator’ are different, the former being a higher rank. The discrepancies have been addressed as much as possible in the article.

EDIT 07/01/17: More details about the BLFC incident was added. More detail and analysis of the ‘Hitler 2.0’ quote was given. The aforementioned quote was relocated in the article. Clarification of my experiences with genuine white supremacists was added.

EDIT 07/18/17: The special report has been revised with new information about the CaliFur debacle and more. It can be viewed below. Disclaimer about the article’s banner has been slightly modified as follows:

“The image in this article’s banner is that of the original AltFurry HQ server icon (it the icon has been changed). I only noticed the Nazi swastika when I was editing the banner.

EDIT 08/19/17: Recent leaks of the AltFurry HQ server that dates back to April record a controversial statement that I made and later removed from the server. I have released a document that explains the rationale behind this statement, and my reasoning for and thoughts about its deletion. SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’ (my removed conversations)

The image in this article’s banner is that of the original AltFurry HQ server icon (the icon has been changed). I only noticed the Nazi swastika when I was editing the banner.


I have compiled key observations and experiences in the server and made an analysis on them for the record. It can be found below. Do note that the observations were compiled for information purposes and respectfully should not be misused (e.g. as material for publishing private information with a malicious intent).

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’ (revised)

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’ (my removed conversations)

SPECIAL REPORT: An analysis on ‘AltFurry’


2 thoughts on “AltFurry – 卐?

  1. Hello Ferrel,

    Your article on our discord server was a shot in the dark, but it was at the very least a fair shot in the dark.

    I want to say a few things, first, It appears that you are confused about who in the server is an administrator and who is a moderator.

    I am the administrator, and at least one of the quotes you attributed to me was in fact not made by me. The quote about “Jewish Globalist interests” does not sound like something I would say. I looked up the quote in our server and, as it turns out, it was in fact not me who said that. Therefore I request you retract that statement or clarify that it was not the admin. If you don’t do so, I will be forced to make a statement about your mistake on social media.

    Like yourself, I also did not notice the Swastika on our old logo until I looked closer. That logo has since been changed because many felt it was sending the wrong message. When I took a closer look at it I could see why; it wasn’t just a cute wolfie biting a black sunwheel.

    As far as some people having ‘alt-right’ or “1488” sentiment in this server, I suspect those are a minority in the server, but I don’t know because frankly I don’t care. I’m of the old school belief that we should live in a marketplace of ideas. I’ve never once met a moderate liberal who can’t at least have a civilized discussion with a radical Communist, and that’s what we try to have on this discord: Civilized discussions.

    I appreciate the attempt at fair portrayal of what goes on in the Alt Furry server.


    1. Hello Len,

      I was in the server briefly and I might have missed important details pertaining to it. I appreciate your clarification.

      I use the terms ‘moderator’ and ‘administrator’ interchangeably, as I thought were synonyms. It is not that I’m intimidated by the threat, but I seem inherently wrong to make that assumption, so I will make an edit very shortly to the article on your request.

      For the logo, perhaps someone tried to troll when the server started and I guess that heightened the controversy surrounding AltFurry. I still appeal to the movement to reduce mentions of contraversial terms.

      Again, I thank you for reading my article and clarifying the misconceptions. If possible, you could also review my PDF document attached to the end of the article.


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