Homosexuality II

Today’s media puts much focus supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Video sharing sites like YouTube endorse content that supports the LGBT community. On the YouTube Spotlight channel, which promotes ‘gotta-watch videos’, for example, many videos promoting homosexual and transgender pride exist, such as ‘Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove’ and ‘#ProudToBe: Coming Together to Celebrate Identity’, (the latter received a 45% viewer satisfaction rate as of June 12, 2017). It is observable that dissenting views are not voiced, either through down-voting of the people or through censorship.

The following video is a documentary by television journalist Arkady Mamontov, ‘SODOM’. It discusses the environment surrounding promotion of the LGBT community around the world, in relation to religion. Supporting the point on censoring dissenting views, this documentary is allegedly banned in Canada. Though the video has received much negative coverage from the American press, especially from citizen journalism sources, it gives an insight into the opposing view against, primarily, homosexuality.

This video is not meant to be a factual resource on the issue of homosexuality. It is meant to raise awareness of the opposing view against the issue.

It is to note that the film is of Russian origin and was broadcasted on state-owned networks in the aforementioned region. It is also worthy to note that the film has a bias towards the religion of Christianity.

Some points covered in the film that Ferrel’s Musings has noted are as follows:

  • A pro-gay pastor interviewed misinterpreted the Bible.
  • The pro-gay Queen James Bible, which is an alteration of the original King James Bible, distorts many passages.
  • Cultural conquest comes in five stages:
    1. Tolerance, as in the right to be left alone.
      • Media can promote the culture, such as harmless and charismatic characters in movies or sitcoms.
    2. Acceptance, as in equal status (such as marriage equality).
    3. Celebration, to promote the acceptance of the culture (such as what YouTube is doing).
    4. Forced participation, as in the general unacceptance of those who dissent.
    5. Punishment of dissenters, like that discussed in ‘Marriage Equality’ in Homosexuality.
  • If one voices dissent, many will find ways to shame the person, especially if influential.
  • Same-sex marriages are ‘an everyday thing’ in Germany.
  • The promotion of the LGBT community could be an agenda by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a non-profit British organisation that contributed to Project MKUltra (U.S. intelligence mind control campaign).
  • Test-tube babies are real.
  • Homosexuals and transgenders may be unconsciously knowing that they are sinning.
  • Case study: a child of a homosexual same-sex couple was told to lie to authorities about being sexually abused.
  • Hence, there is a danger that homosexuals are paedophiles.
  • Homosexuality is driven by sex.
  • Homophile activists are militant; they are aggressive in catching attention of reporters and act offended when interviewed.
  • LGBT rights seem to violate the rights to the freedom of practicing religion and the freedom of speech.
  • Gldani prison scandal raises the question of whether torture against dissenters of LGBT culture is being carried out.
  • Gay-related immune deficiency, or acquired immune-deficiency disorder (AIDS), is rampant among homosexuals.
  • For Christians, it is the Devil that brought the LGBT agenda upon the Earth.
  • The union of a man and a woman (traditional marriage) is the only valid form of marriage, morally and biologically.

As with many documentaries, some false equivalences can be observed. Some of them are listed below:

  • The commentator refers to ‘L’ and ‘G’ in ‘LGBT’ as ‘lesbian’ and ‘homosexual’ respectively. However, ‘G’ represents ‘gay’ and not homosexual; ‘L’ and ‘G’ are both related to homosexuality.
  • Homosexual and transgendered individuals are constantly referred to as ‘sodomites’. In the Oxford Dictionary of English (British English), a sodomite is defined as a person who engages in anal intercourse. However, anal intercourse is not a causal result homosexuality.
  • The video claims that any criticism against the gay community is ‘automatically considered a crime’. This is an incorrect claim. I am criticizing the gay community right now. 🙂
  • The relation of the ‘LGBT agenda’ to the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a conspiracy theory as it has not been proven.
  • In a LGBT parade in San Francisco, the commentator notes that children in the hands of same-sex couples ‘look unhappy’. This might be an exaggeration.
  • An interview conducted with Italian activist Luka De Tolve promotes the notion that Christianity is a good solution. For atheists, this segment could be seen as Christian propaganda.
  • A scene was shown where children were demonstrating against sex education. The documentary makes notions that children attending LGBT parades are getting brainwashed. This could be a confirmation bias.

Presenting ‘SODOM’ by Arkady Mamontov!

This documentary is under a public domain, as said by archive.org.


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