White Genocide?

People say that multiculturalism is a bad idea due to the elimination of ethnic groups. I’d say that that is fair. But I think people should be judged on their ability, not ethnicity. And if you look over at the constitution, you see the 14th and 15th amendment protecting the rights of people of colour. […]

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Former commentary V

Ferrel’s Musings has discussed on various issues over the past few months. From the behavior of people from specific political groups to expressing grievances about the furry fandom, Ferrel’s Musings has covered a generally broad range of topics. This article compiles some of the shorter pieces on the website, previously separated. Contents  FACT CHECK: Is […]

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Atheism has been taking off in the recent centuries. Defined as a non-belief of the presence of deities, there is no doubt that the reign of atheism has contributed much to today’s world. Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist who made important discoveries pertaining to black holes in the universe, is an atheist himself. It is […]

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