Recently, a female-to-male athlete won a wrestling title in Texas. Interestingly, though it was a small school competition, the news reported it very widely. When people gave her boos (and rightfully so), he later said that they’re just haters. I can tell you right now that it is not even true. I’m not an irrational hater for one. And I’m going to show you why. I’m going to show you why transgenderism should be a mental disorder, that there’s ample evidence suggesting it.

There’s a very common argument that’s used within transgender advocates and I’ve been reading about it. They say that there’s inherent differences between normal and transgendered people, that being transgendered or transsexual is not a choice at all. The interesting thing about the article is that though they provided evidence, it only suggested that transgenderism is innate. So what they did was to use feelings instead – unsurprisingly as liberals always do – to convey the message.

We’ve got to realise that facts don’t take feelings into account. There’s research saying that male-to-female transsexual individuals don’t have inherent differences compared to normal men. They said that transsexualism is the result of how the brain wires itself.  In fact, there’s even proof that transgenderism can be cured. There’s evidence that medication can treat this. There’s also evidence that therapy works. Dr Kenneth Zucker concludes that 88% of the patients recovered from the gender identity disorder through reparative therapy. This clearly shows that it is not even inherent, that it can be cured and treated.

Activists like to say that most transgendered children have delayed puberty and those who don’t should take measures to delay it. There does seem to be a link between delayed puberty and transgenderism. Delayed puberty causes aggression in children which is perhaps why transgendered advocates behave like whiny little bitches and block me for no good reason. Still, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to prove this claim directly true.

There’s this video I watched which is part of a documentary about transgendered people. They claim that 67 – 84% of suicide rates are reduced due to gender confirmation surgery. I found this very interesting so I decided to fact-check it. And though it’s mostly true, the reasoning behind it is very, very questionable. One of the studies that contributed to this statistic was so bad that they admitted that the evidence of it was of ‘very low quality’. Another study that was taken into account used subjective data for its conclusion. This is very bad science. Furthermore, the studies that I’ve researched on all had very small sample sizes.

What is big and reliable is a study conducted in Sweden that proves that gender confirmation surgery (which is also called sex reassignment surgery) actually increases mortality in individuals, not the other way round. Of course, people like to refute this study and claim that it was heavily unreliable, but the fact remains that it used very sound scientific methods and had a large sample size.

There are also studies related to gender confirmation surgeries that prove that we are more satisfied being aligned with our biological gender. Research has shown that for individuals that were operated on at birth to the opposite sex because they had badly deformed genitals, a majority of them identified as their biological gender. The researchers even concluded that we should rear biologically male children as male.

I’ve said that transgenderism is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Though I’ve retracted on that claim, I’ve recognised that there is only one study cited by the mainstream news about it. Furthermore, a sample size of 101 individuals is very small and an age group of 12-24 years of age is not even encompassing. It only analyses youth, but the childish news is saying that ‘transgender experience isn’t caused by a hormone imbalance so GIVE UP ALREADY’ (that’s a real headline by the way). If anything, the reason why chickens and roosters become transgendered is because of hormonal imbalances.

Theres a reason why when you search up a query like ‘is transgenderism a mental disorder’ there seems to be a consensus that it isn’t. There’s a war against the truth in the articles I’ve cited. Canada closed Dr Kenneth Zucker’s clinic that treated transgendered people. And do you know why it was shut down? Because of fake news. There was this report of Zucker cruelly mocking a transgendered patient in his clinic but the fact is it never happened. The website that reported it, CAMH, got it so terribly wrong that they had to apologise. But the damage had been done. It is thus no wonder that reparative therapy is associated with dysphemisms such as the heavily exaggerated idea of torture. This is why fake news is the enemy of the people.

To address the video I’ve linked, we actually give transgendered people as with everyone a voice to be heard in decisions regarding civil liberties; it is only constitutional. The problem is now that if these civil liberties are justified by sheer sensationalism and alarmism through unreliable evidence and feelings, then they aren’t justified at all. And transgender advocates seem to be doing just that.

There’s no reason why transgenderism should not be called a mental disorder. In fact, if we classify it as such we may be more compelled to help them, as we help people suffering from ADHD, for example. Transgendered athletes are cheaters defying morality and sound biology. What makes it ridiculously insane to accept is that transgenderism – a true mental disorder– is normalised because it should never be. What is sane is to accept – and destigmatise – the idea of reparative therapy.



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