Gender neutral bathrooms

For centuries we’ve always had bathrooms for just men or just women. It’s a good concept that has worked out very nicely over the years. However, now we have some people rallying against these types of bathrooms. They want bathrooms to be ‘gender neutral’. Though the thought of 63 separate bathrooms is a joke, the […]

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Former Commentary II

Ferrel’s Musings has discussed on various issues over the past few months. From the behavior of people from specific political groups to expressing grievances about the furry fandom, Ferrel’s Musings has covered a generally broad range of topics. This article compiles some of the shorter pieces on the website, previously separated. Contents “I shall assault […]

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Terrorism and torture

The threat of a terrorist attack is definitely real. The Islamic State of Iraq and Israel (ISIS) has risen above the levels of Al-Qaeda. Through the use of the internet, they and their sympathisers have been gunning and ramming down people everywhere. ISIS is probably trying out their nuclear weapons to cause mass destruction. And […]

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